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We have a kiosk that runs all the time. We display the overview report with this month vs last month comparison. But I have to come in and refresh the page and reset the period every day.

Is there a way I can form a URL that accomplishes this goal and will update accordingly when I refresh the page?

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Google analytics does not support changing the default date range or saving a month over month comparison. This question gets asked quite a bit, and I wish they would support it.

The only solution to this appears to be to bookmark a month over month comparison view that has static dates in it, and then create a bookmarklet that will calculate the current dates to put in there send you there.

Here are some sites show how to do this:




EDIT: Some of the above links are out of date (Google changed the URL format of dates in Analytics URLs at some point). I created a page that can on my site that can be bookmarked with your Google Analytics report id to get a wide variety of links for various time periods: http://ostermiller.org/calc/ga.html

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Thanks Steve -- nice to see you, too. I normally hang out on SO :-) – Tom Harrison Jr Feb 14 '13 at 19:02

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