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I've just deployed a previously (on my local IIS) working MVC4 app to IIS 7.5 on the dev server. After tweaking this and that - one knows how these things get forgotten - the app finally launches, but shows a directory listing of the app root. Clicking on most links there works, opening the directory listing of the sub-directory.

Elmah logs no errors and /elmah.asd also gives a 404. The site has an appropriate localhost binding in the hosts file. I can find nothing wrong. MVC is installed on the server, as another MCV app works fine.

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Do this issue reproduces also for MVC3? Maybe there is some IIS misconfiguration issue? – Sergey Litvinov Feb 19 '13 at 20:39

I see this error very often and here's the solution that we always provide to our customer. Please take a look at


The top 2 solution should fix your needs. And yes, I do work at smarterasp.net as a technical support staff in case you wonder.

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