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I'm sharing some space on a dedicated server, but I'm not sure of the exact specifications. It is very fast though, and the person who I'm sharing the server with say they spend about 1400 a month on it and they are the same servers used by the defense department. There site is a small business site that maybe has 150 pages views per day.

My site has none at the moment but I was wondering how many it could take. My site is simple, and runs 1 to 10 queries per page depending on the page. It has almost no images, except for the logo. What's an estimation for the amount og page views could I expect to get per day at a full server load.

Thank you. Sorry for being vague, but that's really all the information I know.

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Are you missing a decimal point? I don't care if you're doing shared, dedicated, co-locate, cloud, whatever: if someone's spending $1400/month for 150 page views a day, they're spending about 99% more than they need to. – joshuahedlund Feb 11 '13 at 20:08
He did not say dollars though. 1400 IDR would be a good deal :) – Itai Feb 11 '13 at 21:01
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Estimates can vary widely depending on how long the database queries take and whether there is any caching involved, along with the amount of RAM, processing speed, and many other factors on the server itself. However, as a very large ballpark I would generally expect any reasonably simple website on a modern server with updated software to be able to receive at least thousands of requests per day before it even starts to bog down the server.

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