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first time poster here, so hope its the right stack exchange. I'm looking for recommendations for a self hosted software/website that will allow for a company to upload training videos and actually log/verify that an employee watched the videos and maybe took a short quiz. Integration with WordPress would certainly be ok if that is a recommendation. Unique user logins would be a requirement needed, but other than that and logging user activity, its still pretty open at this point. Thanks all.

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You're looking for a Learning Management System (LMS), preferably one with SCORM support so the logging/verification can happen. For heavy use, I would normally recommend Moodle as it has the widest variety of plugins and modules available for SCORM integration and also provides the fine-tuning and configuration options necessary to create a customized learning experience. There is a learning curve involved in getting Moodle up and running, though.

In your particular case I suspect Moodle would be overkill. WordPress doesn't have a plugin that converts it to a complete LMS solution but you can embed SCORM objects into a WordPress site. If that's the route you wish to go, then look at the SCORM Cloud Plugin (and associated 3rd party service to manage the objects/logging).

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Thanks for the answer. I was unaware of the term "Learning Management System". This gave me a good starting search phrase! Thanks, and answer accepted. – AndyWarren Feb 6 '13 at 23:24
You're welcome. – JCL1178 Feb 6 '13 at 23:36

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