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I currently maintain both a retail store and a repository of user manuals for those products. These websites are both situated on the same domain (mystore.com and manuals.mystore.com respectively).

At present, on many individual manuals, I have added a "Buy From Mystore.com" button, linking to the appropriate page on the retail store. In addition to these links, I'd also like to add a small banner on some categories (say Accessories) linking to the appropriate section of the retail store in a similar vain.

I was just wondering if it is recommended to use nofollow on these links, or whether I am safe to exclude this as they are not necessarily pay links and link to relevant content of our own.

Thanks for reading. I apologize if any info is needed, I am happy to elaborate if needed.

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Personally if these manuals are relevant to the main site you should try to merge them into one solid domain, as this could help your search rankings. – Simon Hayter Feb 6 '13 at 0:35

I see no reason for specifying nofollow on these links (on the same domain).

nofollow only needs to be used on untrusted or paid-for links.

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