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i have a blog i-World-Tech (http://i-world-tech.blogspot.in/) . my blog age is only 35 days . i Want to know what is the requirement for Google adsense ? how many page views and age of blog is required for Google adsense ?

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Page views and the age of the blog are not required for Adsense.

Adsense simply gives you the option of placing Ads of different sizes on your webpage. Google will determine the relevance and type of ad based on the information on your page. For example, if you run a Tech blog, then expect most of the ads to be centered around technology and online services, as those relate to your content.

All you have to know is where you want to place the ads. Adsense will allow you to make unlimited ads, each of a different size. Sidebar ads are usually 300 pixels wide. Longer, skyscraper ads for thinner sidebars are 120 pixels wide and anything from 160 pixels to 720 pixels vertically. Header bars are thus 468 x 60 and 728 x 90 and so forth.

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None of those apply but the actual terms of services are long, complex and depend on the country where you are located.

The complete up to date terms are view-able directly on the Google site. Remember to select your country from the combo-box at the top. This is the country where you or your company gets bills, not the country of hosting which may be different or even distributed.

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