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I would like to arrange a few images and video thumbnail views into a tile like format (like the apps on windows 8 start screen) in a web page. Which tag should i use for this purpose and how to use them?

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Your question title implies a singular tag, however you appear to be asking about two different features (the tile like format and the navigation menu). – Zhaph - Ben Duguid Feb 4 '13 at 17:40

Generic website structure: <div>

Navigation menu: <ul> / <li>

Menu should be in ULs for easier browsing (using text-based browsers and readers for blind people) as well as google compatibility. Your tiles are nothing extraordinary, just a type of layout, and layout should be made using divs.

(And for a love of god - if you have a tabular data on your website: put it in tables, cause each time someone creates a table out of divs: a cute kitty dies)

The only exception from this are HTML5 websites - out there it's bit more complicated. You have tags like header, nav, figure etc.

For HTML5 layout implementation you should read one of HTML5 coding guides.

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Almost all placement of elements on modern web pages is done via the <div> tag and CSS rules.

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