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I'm currently learning to create a blog using wordpress.org. My site is hosted free on 000webhost. I have trouble creating a Subdomain for my website. This is what I have done so far. Somebody please guide me

Main Domain work correctly with these settings

DNS Setting

Point A(Address) "IP Address" to @
Point A(Address) "IP Address" to www

Wordpress Setting

WordPress Address (URL) = http://www.mydomain.com
Site Address (URL) = http://www.mydomain.com

000Webhost Setting

Parked Domains = http://mydomain.com
Created a database for maindomain

Copied Wordpress into /public_html/

Subdomain doesnt work with these settings

DNS Setting

Point A(Address) "IP Address" to subdomain

Wordpress Setting

WordPress Address (URL) = http://subdomain.mydomain.com
Site Address (URL) = http://subdomain.mydomain.com

000Webhost Setting

Added a Subdomain = http://subdomain.sample.site.net
Created a database for subdomain

Created a folder including copied wordpress in /public_html/subdomain

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What exactly is not working? Is the new subdomain returning a 404 (page not found) error or what? – user555 May 22 '13 at 15:06

In 000webhost you are only allowed to make two MySQL databases. Make sure you have one for your sub domain. I am not sure whether you are allowed to create a sub domain like http://subdomain.sample.site.net

only two My SQl databases are allowed in their free account... provide further details of your problem mate...

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If you're being allowed to host for free, chances are that you're not allowed subdomains by your hosting provider.

Please confirm this, as this may be the issue.

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Do you have access to any hosting panel like cPanel? If yes, you will have to create a sub-domain first and redirect it if that is required.

Please let us know if you have access to any hosting panel like cPanel.

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