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Currently we run a few websites selling products in the travel industry using .com and extensions.

Would our search rating improve if we were to buy one of the .travel domains ? So we would replace, or more likely supplment the following

with : 

Bing and google rankings are, unsurprisingly, our main concerns.

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Long story short: The .travel domain won't give you any edge in SEO. It might be quite contrary, .com will have an edge in world-wide search, might have (underline might) an edge in British Google search.

Something interesting to read and another interesting bit.

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From an SEO perspective, a TLD is a TLD. Your website's ranking won't be improved by buying a TLD about your business (.travel).

You can work on your existing domain in order to improve the SEO of your websites.

Moreover, using TLD related to your country ( is a good thing to rank better in your country's Google search.

You can learn about domain choices here.

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that link you referenced says "Avoid hyphens", then later it says "For readability sake, a domain name that is longer than 3 words should be separated with hyphens.". Thats a bit naff. – NimChimpsky Feb 4 '13 at 11:36
You're right, I have changed the link. – Zistoloen Feb 4 '13 at 11:40

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