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Assume, www.superexample.com is my domain name and ns1.somehosting.com is my nameserver. What I want is to show/set my nameservers as superexample.com or ns1.superexample.com. How? Please,don't say it's not possible, I've seen it on whois of several websites.

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For something to be identified as a nameserver it must be one. This means that the server at superexample.com must be running both an HTTP server (HTTPD) and a DNS server (BIND) with a publicly reachable address and port..

You can see this with a lot of hosting sites, they run their own DNS servers and set themselves as the nameserver. Here is the record for Blue Host. On the other hand, as one of their customers, my site on Blue Host shows them as my DNS.

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Can you just clarify... "You can this with a lot of hosting sites" - "can do" or "can't do"? – w3dk Feb 4 '13 at 12:31
Oops! Sorry the missing word remained in my head :) you can see this with – Itai Feb 4 '13 at 14:08

It needs a couple of things to be done:

  1. Find out IP Address, ns1.somehosting.com is pointing to.
  2. Create a Child Name Server say ns1.superexample.com pointing to the same IP Address.
  3. Modify NS of superexample.com to ns1.superexample.com

Some, DNS does not allow single NS entry, in that case find two IP addresses being pointed by ns1.somehosting.com and ns2.somehosting.com; And create two Child Name Servers say:

ns1.superexample.com and ns2.superexample.com

You need to login domain management panel provided at the time you register your domains.

EDIT: This answer is based on:

  1. http://manage.resellerclub.com/kb/servlet/KBServlet/faq456.html
  2. http://manage.resellerclub.com/kb/servlet/KBServlet/faq455.html
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Because previous answers are just bad:

  1. Read good books and use conventional terms

www.superexample.com is NOT domain, it's FQDN of host in your domain, you domain is superexample.com with host in in www, and authoritative DNS-server of your domain is ns1.somehosting.com

If for registered and active domain you want to change FQDN of authoritative DNS-server and use DNS-server under your domain-name, you have

  • Detect IP of old nameserver, let it be a.b.c.d
  • Replace in xone-file of your domain old NS-RR @ IN NS ns1.somehosting.com. by new @ IN NS ns1.superexample.com.
  • Edit SOA-record in your domain and replace ns1.somehosting.com. by ns1.superexample.com.
  • Add new IN A records in zone for new host ns1 in domain ns1 IN A a.b.c.d
  • Inform registrar about changing of authoritative DNS-server and provide for glue-record FQDN of new server and it's IP (because nobody will be able to get IP of host in your zone /ns1/ before accessing zone-data)
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