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I have to make a load test for a relatively large number of users so I cant really use User Parameters pre-processor to parametrize each thread with custom user data. I've read that I should use CSV Data Set Config instead. However I run into a problem with how JMeter interprets the input of this Config.


I have a thread group of 3 threads and Loop Count:10 with one HTTP request sampler with server www.example.com and path: \${user}. The csv file (bullet is a single line in file) for CSV Data Set Config to extract the user parameter:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Expected output is that for thread 1-x the path of the request should be: \x. So the output file should consist of 10 samples per thread namely:

  • for thread 1-1 : 10 requests to www.example.com\1
  • for thread 1-2 : 10 requests to www.example.com\2
  • for thread 1-3 : 10 requests to www.example.com\3

but instead i get requests to each \1 - \5 and then to EOF. Does anyone know how to achieve the expected effect with CSV Data Set Config in jmeter 2.9?

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Figured it out:

Set thread group loop to 1. Enter a Loop Controller with desired number of loops after the CSV Data Set Config. Add the HTTP request sampler as a child of Loop Controller and you got it:)

Image of config:

enter image description here

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