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I've been searching for a couple of hours for a wordpress ecommerce plugin that will handle products with multiple option groups but am yet to find anything that fits the bill. Basically, a product should have a base price and you should be able to specify multiple different attributes with associated prices. ie:

Garden Shed - base price £100

   Wood types
      beech +0.00
      pine  +40.00

   Roof Type
      Canvas + 0.00
      Tile + 50.00

   Front Porch
      No + 0.00
      Yes + 45.00

etc etc

Does anyone know of a plugin which will fit this bill? I've looked at thecartpress's dynamic options plugin and this only seems to allow combinations of options. ie beech + canvas + front porch = +45 or pine + tile + no porch = 90 etc


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