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I have a few questions regarding optimizing large scale e-commerce sites with getting indexed. Over 1 million pages.

Should you optimize images for e-stores with over 1 million product images?

Should anything be automated for e-stores with over 1 million pages? What can be automated?

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Yes and as much as possible.

  • Even optimizing a single image has an impact. It saves bandwidth for your visitors and your servers. Optimizing a million images is a million times more advantageous.
  • Nobody wants to go anything a million times, so automate everything you can. Every effort saved gets multiplied the larger your data is.

From this, you can guess that automating the optimization of your images is a necessity!

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Image Optimization

Every website on the planet should be using image optimization using lossless compression - since whats the point of slowing down the experience for your visitors.

There are a few websites online that can compress images for you in lossless format:

  1. SmushIt
  2. Jpeg Optimizer
  3. TinyPNG

Since you have a million pages then your most likely require a linux solution or windows commandline tool, take a look at

  1. PNGOut
  2. OptiPNG
  3. PngCrush
  4. JpegTran


There is just too many automation things you can do to a e-store so I'm only going to list a few otherwise I think my keyboard will break before getting to the end.

  1. Automated SEO You can use various automated SEO plugins that can make the URLS, Page Titles, Meta Descriptions for you.

  2. Automated Rich Snippets and markups using Schema

  3. Automated Site Map Creation

  4. Automated Emailing on Orders and Newsletters

  5. Automated uploading of products to Google Shop using CVS

  6. Automated Cloud Optimisation automaticlly duplicates content on the cloud using API

  7. Automated image Optimisation Using Various Tools (Some Listed Above)

  8. Any Automation is good as long as it doesn't result in ruining your audiences experience.

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