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The site I'm currently building will feature a range of products for the organization it represents. Each product will have a main landing page and a series of sub-pages for "About", "Pricing", "Contact", etc.

I'm a bit confused on the best way to handle the h1 tags for these pages. Each page will have the organization's logo as an image at the top. For the landing page of each product I was planning on <h1>Product Name</h1>However, on the sub-pages, I'd still like to retain the title of the product.... Would it be acceptable to use <h1>Product Name — About</h1>, <h1>Product Name – Pricing</h1>? Is there a better way to do this?

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And by better way, you mean? – hjpotter92 Jan 24 '13 at 19:14
@BackinaFlash A better way to format the h1 tags—besides the example I gave. – Vecta Jan 24 '13 at 19:16
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There really aren't any better ways... 1 h1 tag/page that's all you need to keep in mind. Also maintaining a structure/page would be good

<h1> - main title
  <h2> - section
    <p> - some intro text
    <h3> - section chapter
     <p> - chapter contents
  <h2> - section
    <h3> - chapter
     <p> - chapter contents
    <h3> - chapter
     <p> -chapter contents

Even if the pages are related, it doesn't matter how many h1 tags you use... just create an easy to follow hierarchy on each individual page.

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I think the best practice in a situation like this is to use the h1 for your product name and then a different heading tag for the other content. Logically, it would be h2.

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