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I am redesigning a client's website from scratch and consequently they're moving away from their current hosting (which is a reseller hosting plan of the web dev company who set up their current site). The only thing they're keeping is their domain.

They also have about 30 email addresses setup through the same hosting company (pop3 incidentally).

Downtime is critical, this client is a corporate firm which heavily rely on emailing (via outlook and blackberries mainly). I've set mx & a records before for google apps mail etc. but never anything as critical as this - on occassion I have waited for 48 hours for records to update...

Anyone who's attempted this kind of migration before? Any checklist of actions to take for a smooth transition? Also would I need to talk with their current web dev company as part of the migration procedure?

Keep in mind I'll need quite a bit of time actually setting up all of the company's email clients as well. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks for reading!

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This is off topic for this site, so I'm closing it. This question on serverfault seems to cover your case: serverfault.com/questions/89912/… – paulmorriss Jan 11 '13 at 10:40