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A couple of sites I administer have this situation:

  • Google Analytics is set up for regular traffic reporting
  • I have some sort of cron tab emailing/logging weekly/monthly statistics like number of new users, number of users entered a contest, number of new password requests sent, and so forth

Is there a way to track those rather customized backend statistics in a way I can view them in Google Analytics alongside regular reportings?

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You can do it, although it will require some coding. With PHP you can utilize the PHP-GA library and send the data directly from the server.


An example of how to utilize this: Turn Google Analytics into an inventory profiling system

The article is about how to store inventory levels in Google Analytics, but it can be adapted for whatever stats you want, like total signups, contest data, etc.

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Great answer. The example is spot on. The only thing I wonder about is, if it is possible to somehow track both types in the same analytics profile. For example, I would be interested, if increased visits or visit durations is reflected in new weekly users registration data. Then again, I suppose one could also implement the php side to send single events for each register, to get even more detail woven in. – kontur Jan 3 '13 at 7:51

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