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Can someone please help me in using WEBMIN to setup virtual hosts.

  1. My current domain currently functions.

Settings are as follows -

Apache - Handles the name-based server on all addresses Address Any Port 80 Server Name Document Root /var/www/html

BIND DNS Server - Master Zone IPHERE - works IPHERE - works IPHERE - works IPHERE -works IPHERE - works IPHERE - works

What I need - -- CANT GET THIS TO WORK

What I tried - Create new virtual host Handles the name-based server on Address Any Port 81 Document Root: /var/www/vhosts/something

What happens - I create the new VHOST and then ALL address try to go to that new Document root. I need different addresses to go to their respective folders. Can someone please give me better instructions on how to set that up using webmin?

TLDR# How do I make a subdomain work in webmin on my CENTOS 6 web server?

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Handles all requests to the address Address Port Any Server Name Document Root /var/www/vhosts/seopanel

The above settings inside Apache Management in Webmin allowed me to accomplish what I needed. I can now serve 2 separate virtual hosts.

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