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I have a website www.myapp.com hosted in yahoo small business, which is shared hosting and I don't have access to .htaccess file to modify. I called up yahoo team regarding the issue But It cannot be done. (It can be achieved in yahoo stores).

Basically I want myapp.com and www.myapp.com/index.php must be redirected to /www.myapp.com so, What is the workaround for this.

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You could try one of these :

Option 1 : In PHP you could check if the URI is /index.php using the $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] variable(doc here) before any output is done to the browser, and then redirect the page using HTTP headers like that header('Location: http://myapp.com/'); (doc here)

Option 2 : Using JavaScript to dynamically change the URL of the page, see this questions here.

Option 3 : Desperately hack Yahoo's servers to upload an .htaccess file...

Good luck ^^'

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