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I got a preety noobish question.. I have a web site and most of the content that is shown to a user is drawn from a database.. And the pages that i sent to eg. google to index have a querystring in their url..

Meaning when the page is opened, most of the content shown is from a database using a query, and querys key info is from a querystring..

Does eg. googlebot index a page WITH the content from the database, or just the plain html content before the server side activity is done?

Tnx for the anwsers, and sorry for the noobish question :)

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Just changed the tags, this isn't really seo-related – JasonBirch Oct 15 '10 at 17:53
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The search engines see what your users see as they are no different from them. They request a page and the page's content is delivered to them. Remember, server side stuff happens before the page is served.

Query strings are part of the URL and search engines always include them when crawling a site so unless you link to the page without the query string, or submit it without it, they will only crawl the pages with the query strings in place.

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yeah i thought so.. just wanted to be sure.. tnx, your anwser will be marked in approx. 7 minutes :) (site won't let me do it before) – Andrej Oct 15 '10 at 17:49

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