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Possible Duplicate:
Does server location or TLD affects SEO

In this article, there is a good overview of exact match domain names and how they affect SEO after Google's Panda update.

The last graph shows the Non-com EMD Influence, where it is suggested that a .com tld will perform better than a non-.com one.

However, let's consider local search. In the US, .com's work great. However, let's say you're in Canada, and you have a .ca EMD, all with local, Canadian results. Would the expectation be that the .com equivalent still perform better?

As a user I would expect the .ca results to be more relevant, and I'm wondering if anyone else has experience with this?

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In your case study, I always prefer think with logic unlike SEO.

I think .ca is relevant for business only included Canada but if you decide to extend business to the world, I think .com is better because .com is generic tld (my opinion).

However, difference may be small because SEO depends on many factors. You can get a high SEO level with .com in Canada search results.

Moreover, I like to think non-EMD domain are better than EMD. Indeed, EMD seems to be spammy and non-EMD often refer to a brand.

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