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I have a VPS that is managed and am mysteriously running out of space, I think I found a few files I can delete. So just double checking it's ok to delete the Perl install files:

/root/perl588installer.tar.gz (pretty sure this can go)
/root/perl588installer/ (wasn't sure if this can go, I'm thinking it's just used when perl is installed)

I rarely install this kind of thing myself but when I do I'm sure you can delete these files.


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Yes, it is safe to delete installer files in almost all cases. The larger issue is the disk running out of space, and the most likely culprit is log files. Take a look in /var/log first. Some applications log to other places, such as your home directory (~) or the home directory of the account they run as, and /var/spool.

A few commands will help you narrow it down. You can check overall disk usage with df -h. You can see the space consumed by all files in a directory with du or ls -lS. If you have the find command, you can actually search by size:

find / -type f -size +100M

will search the entire filesystem for files larger than 100 MB (careful, this may take a long time).

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Thanks for the info dartonw it is very much appreciated. I'm actually about to migrate to a new vps and am running out of space trying to do a backup of my files :( I think removing the install files will give me enough space to make a successful backup. – Bjorn Nov 30 '12 at 23:55

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