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So our Google Analytics are showing us that 200% increase of "organic" search traffic. Analytics are saying that search keyword is "(not provided)". We are wondering how to find out which keyword is causing this?

We are monitoring all important keywords for our website. None of keyword is in first 5, so our "organic" serach traffic is modest. However, today we received 200% increase of "organic" search traffic but none of keywords we can think of moved a bit. We also did not change anything related to SEO.

And what is interesting Google Webmaster shows no changes - ~2500 impressions and ~200 clicks.

How to find out which "keyword" might be causing this spike?

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I meant to add this as a comment, but there seems to be no link to add a comment! Anyway, are you using Google Analytics? It would be good to mention in your question how you're tracking keywords from incoming SERP visits. – Kenzo Oct 27 '12 at 5:48

Traffic that shows up under "not provided" is coming from visitors who are logged into Google, which results in the keyword information not being passed to your website. Unfortunately, there is no good way to know what those keywords might be other than guesstimating from the Google Webmaster console.

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