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I'm about to branch off into the freelance world. I'm starting an LLC and I'd like some input on what I should title myself as the owner. For example "creative specialist" or "creative technician" or something like that.

My services would be:

  • Website design / development
  • Graphic design: icon design, templates, web graphics, business cards / brochures / letterheads / etc.
  • Writing: content writing/copywriting, technical writing, editing / proofreading / copyediting
  • Photography, photo editing

Does anybody have any ideas on some general terms that would apply to this type of business?

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Posting the same question on more than one site is frowned upon. I see you've already found the onstartups site. It belongs there (IMHO), so I'm closing it here. – paulmorriss Oct 23 '12 at 15:35
It spanned across many sites (web, graphic design, writing, photography) that's why I posted it on all of those sites. I forgot about OnStartups so I posted it there a few minutes ago. – nickelpickle Oct 23 '12 at 15:52