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Is a URL with a query string better or worse for SEO then one without one?

This should be a very simple question for seo experts. Let's say we have the following URLs:

The first one is an ideal solution. What i need to do is to somehow pass a resource identifier in the url to know exactly what this url is pointing to, since it can be pointing to a lot of different things. In the second URL, "pgid" specifies that the resource is a "page". URLs 3 and 4 specify the same thing differently.

I do not care if the URL is friendly to people, because, let's face it - 99.9% of people will never ever ever bother to remember such url no matter how "friendly" it is. So the question is: which of the last 3 URLs would be the best solution for search engines? My guess is it would be the 2nd with query string, but i might be wrong.

Thanks for your thoughts

P.S. please don't offer using the first url. There's no problem using it, but the question is not about that.

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I'd go with #3 but only based on minor factors. Keywords first and avoiding query strings. – Tiggerito Oct 10 '12 at 13:20

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Most forums use some kind of url parsing, so they generate links like And later, on server side they parse page id, knowing that it is the first number, delimited by '_' (in this example).

So to answer your question, i would go with fourth one (or third), because there is nothing wrong including page id into url in any form, and crawlers like static-like pages more than dynamic-like (with query strings).

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Thanks for the reply. I know there's nothing wrong, but in 3rd and 4th example the actual "important info" (some-sort-of-page) is either in the beginning or the end of the url. Is there any difference between the too as far as SEO ranking goes? – Marius Oct 10 '12 at 12:41