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I am a developer but only intend on doing the front-end work for getting Reddit-like upvote / downvote functionality going on an upcoming site I'm building.

I have never had to contract a developer for back-end work to implement code for me so I am quite in the dark on how much I should expect to pay and how long it could take to get the site going.

I could be taken for a ride as the developer could distort the time it would take at a seemingly regular rate (hourly/day) or could otherwise distort their rate.

Please could you give me help on this. I know you need some guidance on the nature of the site so here it is.

I have a Reddit type template with CSS and PHP included. I then downloaded Pligg code that's intended to do the job of the Reddit upvote downvote functionality.

How long would a developer roughly need to unite the theme and front end with the back-end functionality?

I do understand it's not a lot of info but I'm sure you're experienced enough to have an instinct for the size of the project.

Also, should I work on an hourly/day rate/ project payment agreement?

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You should put together a short brief detailing your requirements and then email several developers to provide a quotation for you. The rate will vary hugely depending upon the size and experience of the development team, how complicated the template is, and how quickly you need it. This probably isn't the best place to ask for project estimates because there's no right answer we can give, and even ballpark figures may have no bearing on the actual price you're quoted. Asking three or four developers to quote will give you a better feel for potential costs than we can offer here. – Nick Oct 7 '12 at 19:47
Thanks for the lovely answer Nick! – Warren van Rooyen Oct 7 '12 at 19:50
This site really isn't for programming, payment, or "how long will ____ take me" questions. I've given you the ability to talk in this chat room, so that way, if you want, you can post your questions there and have us review them to make sure that they are on-topic before you post them on the main site. – Hamlet Oct 7 '12 at 20:02