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I am not sure whether this is possible

can i have a fan gate between two pages of a website, so that before a visitor can access a particular url it would be mandatory to like our fan page on facebook?


I have a travel website, and for each destination featured in the website i have listed hotels, with a direct link to the website of the hotel.

for example i have featured a destination 'Alibaug' with a hotels page - , in this page i have given banner ads for a few hotels for example Yellow house which on clicking redirects to

What i want to achieve is, when someone clicks on the banner ad for Yellow house they should be redirected to a page with a like button to and once he/she clicks on the like button should be redirected to

Is this possible? Please help

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Possible. But desirable? It's rotten user experience:… – GDav Oct 1 '12 at 17:21

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