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As you all can see from the picture below, my site's content is duplicated by FeedReader (using iFrame) and indexed at Google. When I clicked at the FeedReader link, it uses some sort of iFrame to draw content from my site live. At the meantime, my site traffic has dropped significantly, but I not sure if this is the reason.



What can I do to prevent Feedreader to fetch my content to their site? Any help would be much appreciated. By the way, I'm using wordpress as my CMS.

I have also highlighted this issue to FeedReader 2 days ago, but yet to get any reply from them.

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Write a simple plugin to break out of the FeedReader frame.

Sample code, not tested:

/* Plugin Name: FeedReader Frame Buster */

add_action( 'wp_head', 'wm_34968_feedreader_frame_buster' );

function wm_34968_feedreader_frame_buster()
<script>if (document.referrer.indexOf('feedreader.com') && (self != top)) {

That will not stop the indexing, but your visitors will get an unframed experience. :)

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