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My site has many modules which are indexed by google.

Recently there has been a database problem so the site was not appearing well like many links returned 404 i think.

Now i have make it working and all the content what previously google indexed are as it were.

How do we update google that i have corrected and the pages which sent 404 are not 200?

That is now i wanted to tell google that the urls which sent 404 are now working fine so that google will update it soon before it removes from its database.

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You mention "soft" 404 in the title, but you appear to describe proper 404s in your question. A soft-404 is when you don't actually return a 404 status code, but simply a message that states "Not Found" with a 200 status code. – w3dk Sep 24 '12 at 9:18
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To tell Google you have corrected the pages that previously returned a 404 status code... In Google Webmaster Tools > Health > Crawl Errors, pick the "Not Found" errors and in the table below, select all the 404s you have fixed and click the "MARK AS FIXED" button.

Fixing 404 errors in Google Webmaster Tools

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