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I currently run PmWiki at mydomain.com/pmwiki. I have a 404 page and .htaccess set up in my site's document root for 404 pages regarding anything that doesn't have to do with my wiki. By default, PmWiki handles URLs a little confusingly so I had to use this in order to get it to look like mydomain.com/pmwiki/Namespace/Page I had to create a .htaccess in /pmwiki to remove parts of the URL.

PmWiki also has a custom 404 (Site/PageNotFound) page that has stopped working, now my site uses the /404.htm page.

I noticed this when trying to install this "recipe" to enable case-insensitive URLs. Currently the only way to access Site/PageNotFound is by actually linking to it, and, if you read how that recipe seems to function, this is an issue. Currently mydomain.com/pmwiki/blahblah and mydomain.com/pmwiki/legitimate_namespace_but_lowercase/legitimate_lowercase_page_name both direct to mydomain.com/404.htm.

I have to admit I'm very confused, and I apologize if I was unclear in any of this, but I could definitely use some help.

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Can you not set an ErrorDocument directive in your "/pmwiki/.htaccess" file? – w3dk Sep 23 '12 at 22:08
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I'm a bit confused with the explanation, but considering the title of the question ...

I haven't used PmWiki so I don't know it's details, but in any case, .htaccess overrides inwards, and by that I mean that any directive set in your root .htaccess, will be override by an internal .htaccess.

So if you want to have different error documents in some subfolders, you can do that adding a new .htaccess in those subfolders.


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