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Possible Duplicate:
Does Google penalize .me or .tv sites?

I have a .com and .ca domain extensions for my business.

I have heard that it's better to have .ca for SEO as my business targets local customers, is that correct?

Also is it better to make the .com resolve to the same server as the .ca or make it redirect to it?

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I am sure others will be along with more comprehensive answers, but I'm firmly of the view that a single domain should be used for the site, with any secondary domains redirected not just resolving to the same server.

This also applies to non-www and www aliases

This way, you only have one set of incoming links, and one set of SEO scores/pagerank

As to whether .ca is better than .com - we have the same discussion in .uk and I'm yet to be convinced either way.

However, good content will make a big difference...

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I agree with Andrew about the redirecting all domains and aliases to one domain.

About the TLD, I must say it doesn't make much different for your local customers, just put yourself in their place and see which TLD do you trust more? personally I prefer .com for my business instead of .us or in your case .ca

I feel it's different in the UK or Germany though, .uk and .de are more popular for example. but I believe for US or Canada a .com is more acceptable.

Just remember, if you're using a generic TLD such .com, then you could benefit from telling Google that your site is targeted for visitors from Canada.



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