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I am building an website. It has an .nl domain. Now only my domain is showing up on google.nl I hope I can change this somehow that it could be findable in all google's (like google.com / co.uk) and so on.

If I look on google forums. They say go to webmaster tools and change your geographic position over there. But I have added this site and I am not able to change it there because there is no select box.

I dont have any idea were to search (yes I searched on google offcourse) or where to ask for this special problem. So maybe here can someone redirect me or explain me what is possible and what not.

The question is can I make an .nl domain findable in (almost) all google search sites? And so on how can I do that.

Picture of my google webmaster tools (nl):


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If you have a country specific TLD (eg. .nl - Netherlands) then you can't specify the geographic target in Google Webmaster Tools - it is already set to whatever region matches the TLD.

You can only specify the region yourself if you have a generic (non-country specific) TLD such as .com or .org.

However, this does not mean that your site won't appear on google.com or even google.co.uk, providing your content is deemed relevant to those users. Having a country specific TLD (or specifying a particular geographic target for a generic TLD) makes your site more relevant in a localised search but not necessarily any less relevant in a global search.

An example...

If I search for (what I think is) your full name on google.com then there is already a link to (what I think is) your site at #7 on page 1 of the SERPs! (The same on google.co.uk as it happens)

However, if I do the same search on google.nl, and do not specify English as the search language then your site does not appear on the first 5 pages. (If I specify 'English' as the search language then your site pops up - your site is in English.)

So, you are already global! :)

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Thank you very much for this explaniation ! – JochemQuery Sep 11 '12 at 17:41

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