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When converting psd to (x)html, there's this time that you want to get the height/width of a particular selection. For example, you have an item which is to be converted as <div> in coding. Then the <div> requires a fixed width/height. How would you get it from the psd?

My way is to crop the psd, then press ctrl+alt+i to get image size window. Is there a better way than this? Cause sometimes, cropping takes time depending on the psd file.

I wanna hear it from the pro webmasters. Thanks.

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On a default workspace setup, there is an Info tab in the upper right-hand panel with the Navigator and Histogram options.

The Info tab will display the dimensions of your selection if you are using the selection tool.

You'll probably want to change your Units and Grids settings in Edit > Preferences > Units and Grids to get the dimensions in pixels.

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+1 Thanks! Really helpful. – Reigel Oct 4 '10 at 1:08

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