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Hey all,
    I'm having some trouble getting a float right on my website. I'm floating an image over to the right, and the text on the left wraps around the image... as long as the browser isn't too wide. I have a h2 under that paragraph that tends to creep up and go on top of that image. How could I fix this?

Page in question here: http://darcrobotics.org/?page=20


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I would avoid using text shadow for body text, it looks awful. – DisgruntledGoat Oct 1 '10 at 12:32

Try adding clear:right; to the CSS rules for your h2. That should do it.

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Or, clear:both to handle the case where an image is floated to the left. – DisgruntledGoat Oct 1 '10 at 12:34

The site mentioned in answer has been closed down due to maintenance overhead. I'll try to transfer all important articles on some other places and will update the link ASAP

might be this can help you Fix for floating div

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