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Does anybody knows of a good application to get it done quickly and efficiently ?

I bought Word Cleaner but the results are merely sufficient and I need to go over all the generated html files to clean tons of useless injected tags like

<strong>H</strong><strong>ell</strong><strong>o </strong><em>Wor</em><em>ld</em>

Most of the articles displayed on a website I manage are based on documents written on MS Word by people how has little idea of what are margins for or ordered/unordered lists, foot/end notes etc and I cannot make them use something else.

Does anyone has a tip to help me handle those pages more efficiently than going over them to correct and apply my CSS style ?

NB: Just for the record, using "Save as HTML DOC" in Word is faaar worst than Word cleaner

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This is what me and the team here at work use when bringing MS Word content to HTML:


We check all the boxes, paste the code, then convert.

I hope that helps.

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word2clean is indeed a great converter, very clean and exactly what we need. Thanks ! – danie7LT Oct 8 '12 at 20:22
Very nice, glad I could help! – KruegerDesigns Oct 10 '12 at 1:54

I think the best solution for this would be using a WYSIWYG editor. TinyMCE, for example, it's a good one - although i suspect you might need a standalone one. The usage would be similar to any word-like program, but the output would be straight HTML. Also, have you tried other word-like programs, as OpenOffice or LibreOffice? The HTML it's not great, as it has lots of inline styling, but from a quick test it looks like it doesn't have the problem of lots of unnecessary tags.

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tinyMCE is great and is what I trying to make THEM use. I've already added more formatting options to help them get what they want to achieve but it's the migration itself from word to something else that I'm struggling to achieve and meanwhile I keep receiving .doc files. But thanks anyway, you say openOffice gives good results converting doc to HTML, well I will give it a try. – danie7LT Sep 2 '12 at 9:48

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