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I have an amazon S3 web server and a domain name registered in (the name is I am trying to have a static page hosted on the amazon web server to be displayed on

On the web server side, my bucket name is '', and it links to here:

On, I added a new record with the followin characteristics:

However, nothing gets displayed on, and I am not able to find what I am doing wrong.

I really would appreciate some tip. Thanks!

Note: I already posted this question in stackoverflow, but didnt get any answer, so I thought posting here may be more appropriate.

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In the Amazon configuration for your web server, are you able to tell Amazon that the name of your web server is You need to be able to do that somehow so that when Amazon receives an HTTP request with Host: in it, it knows what to do with it.

This is very similar to how Akamai works. Akamai also uses DNS CNAMES just as you have described. However, in the Akamai configuration for the web site you have to tell Akamai the name of the digital property which is the host name that you are using for the web site.

From the Amazon documentation you referenced:

Create a bucket that matches the host name.

In this example, the host and bucket names are


Your bucket name must exactly match the host name.

Does your bucket name in Amazon exactly match the host name?

Is your bucket name all lower case as they recommend? See the limitations note from the documentation shown below.


Because DNS names are case insensitive, only lower-case buckets are addressable using the virtual hosting method. For more information, see Bucket Restrictions and Limitations.

Also, looking at the documentation in more detail, why did you use instead of in the CNAME?

Going to just returns:

    <Message>Access Denied</Message>
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Thanks for the help. To answer your questions: 1) I am not able to tell amazon that the name of my web server 2) my bucket name is "", which does (I think) match exactly the host name 3) using in the CNAME doesnt work either. My thought was that I using a CNAME enables me to tell something like "go to this record answer, take the content and redirect it to the domain name". Is this correct or do I need to tell amazon about my domain name as well? – S4M Aug 23 '12 at 18:39
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I finally managed to map my website to my server. I will quikcly explain how, maybe it will be useful for someone who has the same problem.

I just went to "URL forwarding" on and put my amazon link:

For some reason, I have control of but not, which confused me for a while...

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