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this site is intended to allow users to sign up and pay for a service, they will be able to pay using Paypal and

since I am using two different payment gateways, it makes me wonder where I want to keep the user information. offers CIM, but some users will pay with paypal therefore won't have all user's information

Would the best solution then be to not use CIM and store everything within my member database module?

for the record I am using OSE for Joomla for my subscriber service

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Hey by any chance do you know how it works using as a payment gateway? I'm kind of new at this and was wondering. – user19457 Oct 25 '12 at 19:58

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Authorize.Net's CIM API is really only useful for creating payment profiles so you don't have to store customer credit card information. Although storing other information using CIM can be handy, you'll usually want to store that locally for easier management.

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