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Is it possible to host a WordPress site with .tel domain. When I checked for .tel extension website, all the site's are similar in design.

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I contacted 101domain.com, where there is an ".tel Web Hosting Service". In the support email, they say, "The .TEL registry requires all domains to use their specific DNS servers, which means that you cannot modify DNS records."

So, if you cannot modify the DNS records, you cannot use your own hosting service or use WordPress.

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Domains and hosting are separate things.

You buy a domain (.tel for example). You point it to hosting.

What you put on your hosting is entirely up to you - so long as your hosting allows you to install WordPress (99% of them will) you are fine.

You could even point your domain to a wordpress.com site if you already have it hosted on a free service.

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I undeleted my answer because I looked into it further. Apparently you're not actually able to do this. The TELNIC has an editor that you use with your domain, it's not so much that you can use normal DNS and hosting with it from what I can tell. But I'm not going to buy a .tel just to try it. – ionFish Aug 6 '12 at 10:50

You can host any type site with .tel TLD, assuming you have the domain and an hosting space.

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This is incorrect. You cannot host a domain on a .tel domain; all domains under that TLD are forced to point to a server operated by the registry. It's pretty useless. – duskwuff Feb 16 at 19:18

To directly answer your question, YES. a .tel domain is just like a .com or .org like anyone else uses. The extension/suffix does not affect what you can host on the site (Unless you use a .edu you have to be a registered educational institute, or a .xxx domain which is targeted towards adult websites. There are some similar cases. Please read the first few paragraphs here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.tel and you will see that while you may technically host anything you want (generally available) it's targeted toward communications and directory websites.

A domain name, hosting, and a website are three separate entities. If a domain NAME is available and you choose to purchase it (lease) then you will point it to the servers that HOST your WEBSITE. A web HOST just serves the pages (WordPress?) and your WEBSITE is the files being served.

What "sites" are similar in design? The .tel registrars? That's alright, you only use their sites to rent the DOMAIN. Please clarify your question.

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When i Google for .TEl domains i can't even see a single domain in search list. And all the domain name's have similar template and hosted in Telnic Registry itself. telnic.org/telforyou-landing.html – Avin Varghese Aug 6 '12 at 2:52
@DOCTYPE - I can register one from a registrar just like any other domain, you're looking in the wrong place. The TELNIC does not actually sell the domains, they authorize the resellers to do so. webnames.ca/3step/buy/TelDomainSearch.aspx?domain=doctype.tel Also see the terms: webnames.ca/content/webnames/… – ionFish Aug 6 '12 at 3:23
@DOCTYPE - And a quote from the TEL FAQ site: "Those who already have a website can use .TEL to point to their current site. This method usually gives a search engine ranking boost to the website being linked to from their .TEL." – ionFish Aug 6 '12 at 3:28

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