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Currently I am spending quite a lot on Google AdWord for search campaign, I am looking at methods to save money while maintaining the clicks.

I have tried to switch from automatic pricing to manual pricing, cost is lower, but the impression and thus the clicks are also both decreased.

Are there any tricks when I switch from automatic pricing to manual? Or other tricks I can used to lower my cost?

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What KPIs do you use? I see you want the same number of "clicks" for less spend, do you track conversions or revenue? Those metrics would allow you get rid of clicks that aren't producing conversions therefore getting more revenue for less spend. Is optimization like this something you would consider or do you only want answers on clicks? – Joshak Aug 3 '12 at 17:37

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Google AdWords is almost (or can be) a full-time job and like SEO, you might do something simple/cheap which will have impressive results but something with a greater effect/expense that is not working out at all for you.

I just left a small business (+$1MM/a) that, 6 months after changing hands, is indebted and looks like they'll be ceasing operations. There is so much to learn and it can make or break your wallet just as easily as your business if you aren't very familiar with it (depending on how much control you opt for).

Without knowing your experince with AdWord, my first recmmendation is Adwords Help; Tips for Success, specifically as ageneral optimisation starting point.

Simply; Identify your target market as precisely as possible to reduce your CPC while increasing CTR and goal-completions. Also, depending on how much longer you can hang in there with the costs, experiment a little and see the effects of minor changes until you find what works for you. I'd advise not making drastic changes especially if we're talking about the main source of the bulk of your income!

Good luck!

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THanks for your valuable input. Can I say that the most effective way to optimize is by testing different ads (e.g. keywords and description), so when my quality score improve, I can reduce the cost? – Howard Aug 4 '12 at 16:51
Yes. The less competition for (or more targeted) your ads, the cheaper they'll be. – Alastair Aug 6 '12 at 5:25

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