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Possible Duplicate:
How do I leave mail at the registrar while serving the web from host?

I have a website aaa.fr with MX record correctly configured and working.

Now I'm buying the domain aaa.es. Can I just configure the MX record of aaa.es pointing to the IP of the mail server on aaa.fr?

What I mean is, can I avoid buying email boxes associated with the new domain aaa.es and rely totally on aaa.fr email server?


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You can just use the same MX records pointing to multiple mail servers. Here is how we do it:

Primary Domain For Email: master.com

A - mail.master.com - ip of master domain.
MX Records pointing to master.mail.com

Other Domain Names

MX Records pointing to master.mail.com 

In other words all you do is re create the mx records in your other domains and point them towards your mail server (a record). Now this is not only what is required. Your mail server needs to actually be able to handle domain aliases or multiple domains. On postfix this is very easy to setup, but then would be a question for ServerFault forums.

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Yeah, a lot of websites do that and host their own email software, in which they can set up multiple domains in.

Postfix, Exim, Smartermail, etc. I use Exim (linux) and Smartermail (windows), but I heard postfix is awesome.

Every time I set up email for a new website I validate it using email authentication tools to make sure I did it right.

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You can get 3 free email accounts at https://www.zoho.com/mail/ which work with any domain name. You don't have to buy another email server. If your primary company is based in France you could get the domain aaa-sa.fr and use it as a corporate email domain.

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