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Possible Duplicate:
Is the google +1 button domain dependent or url dependent?

Lets say I have a blog at www.example.com . I have some blog posts and they are +1'd. What is the impact of these +1s for my Googlerank of www.example.com?

Couldnt find any SEO related topics about this. Maybe someone tested it or knows something related to this.

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Universal ranks relating specific pages to specific keywords are disappearing slowly in Google. In the future contextual search will be more relevant than ever. So your page positioning depends on the person that searches it, his/her search history, clicks, interests and friends on Google+ and what the user's friends have +1'ed.

Contextual search relevance will depend on how many people search while logged in Google.

Now you can find what you are looking for in Google Webmaster tools. Traffic > Plus one reports > Search impact

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