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Possible Duplicate:
Will replacing 'to' with 2 or 'for' with 4 improve my site's PageRank

I am about to register a domain name (suppose) someone.com (with proper spelling), in mind targeting the keyword "SOMEONE". But then I discovered on 'google keyword research tool' that not this but a typo "SOME1" seems to be more popular and people search this significantly more often than the proper keyword. And luckily someone.com and some1.com both are available.

I understand that I can register both the domains, but I don't know on which should I keep my website and redirect the other one. Should I make the typo "some1.com" my base site? But that's a typo.

P.S., my site has a totally relevant content and not just keyword targeted worthless site.

What do you guys suggest? I am confused. How would that affect my SEO ranking??

EDIT: Because the competition for the keyword I am targeting is fairly low, I think nevertheless whatever domain I choose, it will appear on the search engine first page.

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I would first find out if it's a famous name or brand which is trademarked or famous enough that it doesn't have to be trademarked. You may be setting your self up to receive a DMCA notice.

To answer your question I would use the domain which spelled the name correctly and had the highest search volume. The second site using say some1 I would build with relevant content for using the misspelling so that domain would become authoritive for the misspelling.

I suspect you're going to try and monetize from the domains. I would calculate the time to rank high enough to get a return. Are you going to be making a few cents < .10 per click? Or a small % of commission on some other affiliate network? How soon before you recover your $20 in registration fees and ~$50 in hosting? Will it take months or years to start earning a profit?

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You also have to consider branding as well, which one of the names are you going to use to market your site, many forms require a site name along with the web address.

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