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Possible Duplicate:
Loading another domain's content in a modal iframe - acceptable?

My url is www.indiaracetips.com and if I use iframe in my site will any one sue me?

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I am a bit confused by the tags you chose. Is this more a legal or a seo question? – Michael Jun 20 '12 at 12:19

Short answer: quite possibly. Depends on the content and its provenance. Your question is a little vague, therefore difficult to accurately answer.

Here's a simple checklist:

  • Do you own or are you the author of the content loaded in the iframe?
    • If you don't, do you have the original author/content creator's permission to use it?
      • If you don't, the answer is that you may get sued or issued a takedown notice.

Basically, if you don't own the content or have permission to use the content, don't use it. This doesn't seem to pertain to SEO though--unless you count a takedown notice as a negative hit.

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neither I own the content nor I have the permission.My thought was any how the page is loaded at their site only and may be the visitors are ignorant of the fact.As regards the tags sorry I shall use the appropriate one henceforth – manimaran Jun 20 '12 at 12:57

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