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I'm getting started with Google App Engine, and just got my first invite to a project that has already been started by someone else. How do I download the code to start editing it? (I do see the project in the launcher in red)

If it has any importance, my permission is Developer

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I found out how to do it. First of all developers can only download they're won code, my status had to be upgraded to owner and then according to this page from the google documentation all you have to do is:

  1. Open console and go to the target directory
  2. run the script: download_app -A <your_app_id> -V <your_app_version> <output-dir>
  3. Enter my Email & password

Wait for the download to finish :-)

  • To get the <your_app_id> and <your_app_version> - Go to appengine -> click on your project -> from left panel click Versions -> from the URL copy the value of app_id and version_id.
  • For <output-dir> just specify the directory on your machine, or . if its the current.
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