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I am using nginx for the first time as a long time Apache user. I setup a Linode to test everything and to eventually port over my websites.

Previously I had /home/user/www (wwwroot)

I am looking at doing something similar with /srv/www/domain/www (wwwroot)

Rather than using /srv/domain (wwwroot), the reason is many of the sites are WordPress and one of the things I do for security is to move the config file one level above wwwroot and can't have multiple configuration files from multiple domains in the same top level folder.

Since I own all the sites, I wasn't going to create a user for each domain. My user is a member of www-data and was going to use 2770 for www and have domain/www for each new domain. www would be owned by group www-data.

Is this the best way to handle this?

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