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I currently own several domains on which I am using a Whois privacy protection service to hide my personal details. In the near future, I would like to transfer some of these domains to a different registrar.

It has been many years since I last performed domain transfers, so I am no longer knowledgeable about what it involves. However, I have read from several registrars that they ask their customers to disable Whois protection before effecting a domain transfer. Since there are several websites out there that publish archived versions of Whois information (and ask handsome money for the information to be hidden, of course), I would prefer to avoid having such a "gap" in my privacy protection.

I figured that these websites would fetch Whois information mainly when a query is effected through their own website. However, I have found out that at least one of these sites had a copy of the Whois information for a new domain up on their site within hours after I registered it, so they must have some other source (of course I used a Google search to find that out, not their own site). What that tells me is that the time it takes for the domain transfers to go through would be more than enough for these rogue websites to cache my information.

If my new registrar offers privacy protection for domains right from the point of registration as well, is there no way to transfer the domain between the two without reverting to my default Whois information in between?

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It depends on the new maintainer. When you authorize the transfer to the new maintainer and the maintainer keeps in charge the domain, it has to provide contact details for the domain.

You just need to make sure you purchased the Privacy option and make sure the new maintainer will send the protected contact details.

You might want to contact the new maintainer before performing the transfer to make sure privacy protection is enabled during the migration.

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Godaddy can accept transfers and keep them private


Private Registration works with new, existing, transferred or backordered domains!

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