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After using Google's PageSpeed Insights for my site [ http://flashmallach.github.com ] the biggest error I'm still coming up w/ is leveraging browser caching. I found some solutions that suggest using a .htaccess file to do this, however GitHub pages apparently do not support them.

Is there another way I can pull this off ?

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From: Tekkub (GitHub Staff) Subject: leverage browser caching on github pages // That's not possible currently, but we might add it in the future. Thanks for the suggestion. – flash Jun 7 '12 at 2:41

A review of the github Pages Documentation would suggest that this level of configuration is not made available to github Pages users.

You can contact github Pages Support to see if this level of configurability will be made available (or if they can configure for you), however, I suspect that you will find a more expedient solution by hosting your images on a service which supports the configuration you would like to use.

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