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My wordpress website got the pharma attack. Now there are lots of spam links on my website indexed by the Google. Is there possiblilty to remove these links from the Google using robots.txt file or some other method? PS. Since I have removed the malicious code, now these spam links give 404 error. Will Google automatically remove the non-existing links ? If yes, how long it takes? Thanks.

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Google probably won't remove the links on its own, if the links are showing up as coming from your website's pages then you can request that Google Remove them, you can also request links on other pages are removed (but this is a little more complicated).

Google has a useful support article on the subject.

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If you've removed the target URLs for those links, then over time those links will drop out of Google's index automatically. Additionally, in most cases where a site got hacked to add content or links, Google is pretty good at recognizing that, and at ignoring those links.

That said, it's never a bad thing to inform webmasters of hacked content / links that you find on their websites :). In my experience, not many webmasters react to that (even when Google contacts them), but overall I still think it's worthwhile to clean this kind of hacking up (when looking at the bigger picture, not just your specific website).

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there is a video on Seomoz about people practicing negative seo and how to combat it if youve been affected.

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This isn't an example of negative SEO, this is content added to a site by malware. – toomanyairmiles Jun 5 '12 at 12:00

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