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Prevent virtual host on same server interact on apache

I have a vps apache 2.0 webserver, with multiple domains and multiple IPs set.

In document root /var/www/html/ I have, and I create a virtual host in folder /var/www/html/serverB for

They work great for both, but the problem is I can access serverB files with the URL, which I don't want to happen. How do I prevent that?

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Helo Sooosoo Soo.

The reason this is happening is simply because "SERVERA.COM" is considered the parent folder of "SERVERB.COM". And again this is happening because "/var/www/html/" is the foder where apache knows all its files will be so since you don't have in a sub folder in the "WWW" folder, if you type local host it will show you It is supposed to be "/var/www/html/serverA/".

If you didn't under stand this here is another way to put it.

/var/www/html/ is the main folder so lets say's index.html page was in here (Which it is). When you type localhost you want it to show a directory showing a white page with both folders on it.

To fix this issue you have to simply move's contents to a folder called

So basically you just do what you did with

Change the virtual host to go to the new folder.

Now when you type localhost you should see a

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