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What i want to do

i want to make my own domain sales company.


How can i create a domain without service from another company?


is it possible to do the above? or would i need to buy domains then sell them?

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I agree with @Sherwin, however I would add that to be your own independent registrar take a good bit of financial backing. Another alternative would be to become a re-seller through one of the current registrars like GoDaddy.com. If you are still steadfast in wanting to pursue being a registrar also checkout ICANN's website http://www.icann.org/ as @Sherwin suggested, as ICANN is the governing body over registrars and domains.

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As suggested by John Welnad, you better start reselling I would suggest http://www.OnlineNIC.com (even if you can read bad things about them on the web, about some lawsuit, etc. IMHO they are still ginving a great service).

Becoming a registrar could be the next step, but once you are already earning money and you have at least more than 5000 registered domains for your customers.

Keep in mind that selling domains is a business that creates profit probably on the order of magnitude of 10,000 customers or more, so the hard part is to handle all of them, and the hardest part is to find 10,000 customers. The competition is tough, prices are small bucks, and margins are small too.

You might ask some more bucks for each domain compared to large giants like GoDaddy, Enom, Instra, but you have to give customers a better support, and I would say provide a phone number where customers can talk to you. I can buy domains in Italy at 6.50€, but for important websites I buy them from a vendor that sells them at 12€ each, why? Because when I send an email to them complaining about something they always answer in less than an hour with meaningful answers, they are helpful and they fix DNS stuff if needed. Obviously this allows my vendor to ask for 12€, but if they started asking 14€/15€ I would look for another vendor. So the limit on what you can ask is also tiny.

From an operative POV you need:

  1. A site where customers can see if the domains they want to buy is available and they might able to buy it online. Try to make the all process to be easy, fast, simple.

  2. A ticket system or some contact form so they can bug you when they do not understand how to set up the DNS hell and other minor stuff

  3. You need to advertise for your site wherever you can, but it's hard with small margins to advertise without spending more than waht you earn.

Good luck!

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You may find this information useful: http://ketil.froyn.name/registrar/

However, if you do wish to become a domain registrar you can find the information here: http://archive.icann.org/en/registrars/accreditation.htm

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