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I am pointing several domains to one URL, a URL which happens to include a subdomain. ALL of the domains are using 301 redirects to point to this new address.

One of the older domains (which used to be a site) is a 'property' in Webmaster Tools, as is the new site (the one with the subdomain.)

When registering a 'Change of Address' for the old site with WebmasterTools, it suggests the following method -

  • Set up your content on your new domain. (done)
  • Redirect content from your old site using 301 redirects. (done)
  • Add and verify your new site to Webmaster Tools. (done)

Then, directly below that, to proceed, it says

Tell us the URL of your new domain: Your account doesn't contain any sites we can use for a change of address. Add and verify the new site, then try again.

I have already submitted and verified the new site. The only reason I can fathom I am getting this error is because the new site includes a subdomain.

Although I don't foresee getting punished for this, as I am correctly 301 redirecting traffic anyway, I'm curious as to why the Change of Address submission isn't working appropriately for me. Has anyone else had experience with this?

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It's basically because it's a subdomain. Not sure why they choose this, but again, it doesn't necessarily hurt anything, it may just slow the process down.


There's also nothing really pertaining to this on this forum, so I believe it is educational to leave it.

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